In Motion Hosting is a solid web hosting company that we have used and recommended for many years. No host is perfect, and IMH has had some hiccups over the years like any host, but they are very responsive and have great customer support.

Their Shared hosting and VPS plans are good options that are affordable and offer a good amount of features and server power options.

For Shared Hosting options, we generally recommend their Launch or Power plan. If you want the fastest possible speed from their shared hosting, you may want to opt for their Pro plan, but for most small business sites, this is not going to make a noticeable difference. If you are running an ecommerce site, then the Pro plan makes more sense.

Below is a video walking you through their shared hosting plans and showing you the ones we recommend and how to order.  Once you select your plan and order you will receive some emails from In Motion.  Please forward to your account manager as we will need this information.  By using the links below, we will be able to set you up as one of our developer clients and that lets us maintain and troubleshoot your hosting.  We may get a small thank you payment from In Motion for recommending them.

To view shared hosting plans Click HERE

To View VPS hosting plans Click HERE

To learn more about In Motion Hosting and all of their offerings, you can go to their main site HERE.

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