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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Our SEO campaigns start with learning about your business and your ideal traffic targets.  Whether it’s lead generation for your companies services, or driving buyer traffic to an e-commerce site, we use a customized data-driven approach to Search Engine Optimization.   We will also look at your website and make suggestions to increase conversion optimization of the new traffic.  

Website Design & Development

Want a new website or ready to update your existing one?  We are experienced in website development ranging from general business sites through customized e-commerce sites with over 10K products.  We are also experienced at upgrading older sites off of older technologies and platforms.  We use everyday language and use a friendly project management system that you have access to view the project as it progresses.

Email & Marketing Automation

Email and marketing automation can save many hours of tedious work.  If done right, it personalizes your followup and marketing campaigns and creates a closer relationship with your customers and prospects.  And the best part is once set up, it also saves you and your organization hours of time previously spent manually following up. Not sure where to start?   We can help.

Webmaster Services

Available Webmaster Services include website software maintenance updates, security checks, backup services, disaster recovery services, hosting and more.  Available to active clients on a case by case basis.  Monthly retainer and time and materials options available.

Social Media Marketing

Growing a large fan base is not going to always result in qualified leads or customers. It takes more in today’s over-saturated social media landscape.  We believe in growing a targetted following and finding unique ways to engage in multiple channels with irresistible offers.  We can help you set up best practices social media processes and show you how to automate much of the process.

Marketing Consulting

Are you looking for an outside review of your current marketing processes?  Need to create a marketing plan and looking for help implementing a plan? Not sure where to start?  We can help by spending a few hours to several days with you and your team to help work through your core competencies, identify your top target prospects, review your website and marketing collateral and current processes and give you an unbiased review.  We will also give you high-level options on how to create a multi-faceted marketing plan or create one for you.  

Is Your Online Presence Helping or Hurting Your Bottom Line?

It’s a fact that today, your online presence and reputation are more important than ever.  Did you know that 97% of people aged 18-34 read online reviews of a local business or service provider on the web before doing business from them?

Those aged 55+ are most likely to read reviews on a desktop PC, those 34 and under and more likely to use a mobile device…

What does your online presence say about you and your business or organization?

Marketing Automation is the key to greater conversions... Getting targetted traffic is just the start.

Before starting an SEO or Social Media advertising campaign, you need to be ready to handle the new traffic.  Having traffic is great, however, you need to be sending it to a site or landing page that is designed to convert.  That could be an opt-in form for lead generation, a sale for ….

Can We Help Your Organization?

How about we have a brief chat where you can tell us more about your business and your current marketing goals, and we can tell you more about our company.  If it makes sense after we talk, we can set up a follow-up call to discuss some options regarding your marketing in more depth.

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