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Our Approach to Digital Marketing and Web Design

Fulcrum Concepts mission is to get our clients found online by the exact type of individuals who are looking for the products, services, or are interested in the same worthy goals that your organization focuses on.

The way we do this is a bit old school and a lot of modern digital marketing know how.  We round out our core services by reviewing the website or landing page your new traffic will be directed to and make sure it is optimized for the type of traffic we will be sending to it.

In order to best help our clients market themselves, the first thing we do is have a very open discovery call where we learn about your business and we discuss your goals for your new business goals.

An SEO campaign for example can be very sucessful from a pure SEO metrics viewpoint, but if viewed through a cost of acquistion and profitability standpoint may not make sense.  You may be better focussing on Social Media advertising – i.e. Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads or even Instagram for example.

Maybe your desired search terms are too competitive for your budget and although we determine we could rank you with an intensive Search Optimization Campaign, the cost and projected timeline are not sustainable for your current cash flow.  By analyzing your market and related searches we may find other worthwhile searches that would be valuable, yet less competitive.



We Get to Know Your Business So We Understand How to Market it

We want to know as much as possible about your core business, your average service costs and a  general idea of your profit margin per services offered.  Once we understand your products and/or services, we can mutually set reasonable campaign targets. Next we do some in depth  marketing analysis to determine if your goals are a fit for what we can offer and determine if the projected campaign costs are in your budget, and if the projected return makes sense.

Is the SEO Juice Worth the Campaign Squeeze?

Yes, we know you are expecting us to try to convince you that Digital Marketing or SEO or Google PPC or insert a marketing service here…. is a perfect fit for your business.

Actually, we turn down Search Engine Optimization and other Digital Marketing campaigns fairly regularly if there is not a clear path to a high return on investment.  

Certain businesses do not make sense for SEO, but may make sense for Facebook Ads for example. Or maybe they are so unique that no one searches for what it is that you do.  You can rank #1 for Lime green Gold Fish but if no one is searching for Lime green Gold Fish, that #1 ranking will do you no good!

Core Services

We take an old fashioned client centric approach combined with a relentless and pragmatic use of proven online marketing know how.

Search Engine Optimization

We focus on four types of SEO for our clients.  Local SEO, National SEO, Google My Business optimization & Maps SEO.

Website Design & Development

We specialize in Business and Ecommerce Websites.  We can help with a website refresh or create a brand new company website from scratch.  We move an old site to a new modern platform and update the design.

Email and Marketing Automation Setup

Are potential customers slipping through the cracks in your sales and marketing process?  We can help guide you in setting up an automated marketing system to handle your lead and customer follow-up process.  Automated does not mean cold and generic.  We are talking data driven customized followup and outreach campaigns. 

Webmaster Services

We offer limited webmaster services for marketing and development clients on a case by case basis.

Social Media Marketing

We offer Social Media Marketing consulting and setup for our marketing clients.  These services are highly customized and offered on  case by case basis.

Marketing Consulting

Need to create a marketing plan and not sure where to start?   We can help by spending a few hours to several days with you and your team to help work through your core competencies and dentify your top target prospects, 

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